electricalGuam Advance is one of the  fast emerging Electro-Mechanical Contractor involved  in every aspects of Electrical and Mechanical construction principles, retail marketing and sales.


Guam Advance takes its pride not only thru its products and services, but also in the way it conducts its worldwide operations. We provide and maintain the image of a pioneering company established to cater the growing demands in the international level and  face the challenges offered by today's technology vital to the development and growth of the world's economy.


Our MISSION :   We are an international company providing our systematic way to  enhance and promote business in the community and the industry and to create a quality service and environment suitable for our customers and employees.


Our VISION : Our vision is to be "Better than the Best", which means, Employees are proud of their success as a team ; customers, suppliers and governments prefer us; competitors respect us; communities welcome us; and investors are eager to invest in us.