• Incorporation Certificate  
  • Contractor's Licenses     

Classification      Authorized Scope of Work

A.      General Engineering

B.      General Building

C.13     Electrical
C.13A  Transmission Pole and Lines
C.15     Electronic System
C.19     Fire and Burglar Alarm
C.20     Fire Protection
C.37     Plumbing
C.40     Refrigeration
C.43     Sewer, Sewage Disposal Drain and Cement Pipe Laying
C.44     Sheet Metal
C.51     Warm Air Heating  Ventilating and Air Conditioning
C.68     Telecommunications

  • Business License for Sales of Construction Materials  
  • Master Electrician Certifier  
  • Certificate of Fire Alarm System Training Notifier System 5000 and AM2020  
  • Certificate of Telephone System SX 200 Digital Installation and Maintenance  
  • Certificate of Completion High Voltage Cable Splicing and Terminating  
  • Welders Certificates